EasyHire.me partners with Greenhouse

EasyHire.me partners with Greenhouse

EasyHire.me today announced details of its partnership with Greenhouse Software. EasyHire.me delivers a robust and affordable online video interviewing solution that brings consistency, efficiency, and agility to the recruiting process.

EasyHire.me platform enables Greenhouse users to take advantage of integrated video interviews from directly within Greenhouse to easily engage with candidate and assess their knowledge, personalities, and skills.

“Finding right talent is always a challenge. You need efficient ways to screen and evaluate the large volume of candidates applying for the job and move fast with the right ones,” says Anjana Manian, Co-Founder of EasyHire.me.

“A fast hiring process is a strong competitive advantage. As companies work to scale their organizations globally, expand to new regions or simply hire at scale, video interviewing can really help to streamline this process,” says Barbra Gago, VP of Marketing at Greenhouse. “The integration of EasyHire.me into the Greenhouse platform gives mutual benefit to our customers and we are really excited about our partnership with EasyHire.me, and how the joint solution will make it even easier to find and hire the best talent, faster.”

Additional benefits of the EasyHire.me and Greenhouse integration include:

– Allowing companies to recruit top applicants regardless of where they live
– Streamlining communication between recruiters, hiring manager and interviewers
– Conducting efficient phone and video interviews using a consistent set of questions
– Collaboration amongst the hiring team around interview recording and feedback
– Saving recruiters and hiring managers significant time and resources.

EasyHire.me integration with Greenhouse enhances the customer’s ability to make better hiring decisions, enabling them to funnel the best-fit candidates through the pipeline, faster.