What is the hype about Slack?

What is the hype about Slack?

Over the years, email communication has gone from bad to worse.  Useful and more significant emails are buried under a pile of automated emails from email marketing, log notifications, twitter followers, monthly statements, etc.  Searching relevant information is becoming an increasingly arduous task. Companies have tried to adopt enterprise messaging systems to cut-down the number of emails and making a short exchange of information straightforward and efficient.  Different messaging services and productivity tools emerged.  Over the last two years, Slack is emerging as the winner with a soaring rate of adoption. Companies have been adopting Slack surprisingly quickly in the year or so since it was launched. One may ask what makes Slack so special when we have so many other established means of communication such as email, instant messaging, not to mention conventional phones.  What makes Slack any different?

Well, to start with, Slack is establishing itself as a business communication hub.  It is a single place where the plethora of disorganized communication converges and gets itself sorted out in its rightful place.

“Slack brings all your team communication into one place, makes it all instantly searchable and available wherever you go. Our aim is to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive” , says the Slack welcome message.

The fact is that Slack is becoming the vehicle of choice to exchange all business information. Organization leaders are adopting Slack in their teams to improve the communication amongst their team members.  Slack is now being used as the quick way to broadcast messages to the whole team about product, people, and processes.  It not only enhances communication but has become the centralized hub to get  reminders and notifications about  relevant events & activities. 

3 Reasons why Slack is gaining continuous momentum and popularity

  • Teams Communication –  Slack has become the preferred substitution for emails. Slack enables you to be in multiple teams and allows you to subscribe to multiple channels. A Slack channel offers a common place to exchange ideas and information about a particular topic.  The best part is that all the content is searchable from one search box. You don’t need to struggle with finding the information that is buried deep within a thread in one of the many emails. Slack also provides the ease of communicating privately with someone.  With Slack, you can chat online or just leave an offline message. Either way, it reduces the email clutter.
  • Third-party App Integrations – One of the reasons that people love Slack is that it is integrated with most of the popular web service tools that they use at their work place.   Slack is integrated with their code repositories (Github and BitBuckets etc.), productivity tools (Trello, Wunderlist), file sharing services (Google Drive, Dropbox), database services, conferencing services , analytic platforms and many more.  Slack has made it so easy to integrate products,  with a very well documented and intuitive API, making it easy to create custom  integrations to get  data out of or into Slack.  With Slack integration, you can see product specific reminders, notifications, system alerts, all in one place.
  • Great User Experience –  Slack is very slick, intuitive, and user -riendly. It surely makes your working life simpler, pleasant, and productive.  Slack’s mobile app offers all the key features  and functionality with a clean design and iinterface.