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How AI and Automation Will Change Recruiting

How AI and Automation Will Change Recruiting

Technology has taken a huge leap in quite a short interval of time and has presented many great possibilities which were impossible earlier. It won’t be wrong to really call it an age of the machine. With the rise in the latest inventions in the field of science, Artificial Intelligence is a new key factor which has an ability to think, adapt and respond over a period of time. Apart from many other advantages that it will offer you, tasks such as recruitment process also seem to fall in its lap with use of video interviews. The use of AI to make the recruiting process fully automatic by enabling feature of having video interview will decrease the workload of many agents and will bring boundless opportunities for all.

Here are the major impacts AI will put on the recruiting process. Read on…

1. Screening of Resume

Sorting out through resumes is the most time-consuming job and needs a lot of efforts. The best use of AI & automation will be done to have a proper screening of resumes in the least possible time. It will also be beneficial to search out for the best candidate, as in the manual sorting it is possible that the best & the most deserving candidate may be left behind. So, AI with its advanced research features will be beneficial for the recruiter as well as the volunteer.

2. Increase in Flexibility

The use of AI to have video interviews will bring full automation in the recruitment process. With such a feature, there will no restrictions such as fixed timing, availability of recruiting officer etc. The automation process will provide you the flexible timings to make both the parties comfortable with the time of their selection. Also, the interviews will be recorded for future reference so that the terms discussed in the conversation while having an interview can be viewed anytime & anywhere.

3. Change in Recruiting Process

As of now, the recruiting process is long and bound to many formalities. But with the arrival of AI & automation, there will be a huge change in the recruiting process. There will be no fixed office or place to have an interview as when the process will be automated then the whole process will take place online. The need of an officer to preside over the process can be neglected at times and can be replaced by recording the process to save for future and to inspect the candidate.

4. Limit the Research

Now, it is seen that many difficulties are faced while performing a research for an ideal candidate. It is also possible that many undeserving candidates are also given the chance due to lack of availability of candidates. But AI will help to shorten the research process to make ideal candidates present before you. The large scale of the area will be covered in the least time and the risk of selecting wrong ones is totally neglected.

5. Lower the Burden

The burden over the HR will be less and more focus can be put towards the improvement of the business rather than finding a suitable candidate. Automated results will be able to find the desired people for the vacant job profile. Also, screening of only best ones will decrease all the extra time and will make the process even shorter.


With so much ease at your desk, AI seems to be fitting for the task of video interviews. With lowering the risk of selecting wrong candidates, lowering the HR’s responsibilities and many other tasks which consume the whole time, will be done in minutes. Even the candidates will be having a plus point as they will be provided the best opportunity to grow in their desired fields. The use of AI & automation in conducting video interviews will definitely change the whole scenario about the recruiting industry.

Tips for Successful Video Interviews

Tips for Successful Video Interviews

The modern era is a time where technology plays a vital role in everyday’s tasks. Everyday something new is invented to make the living of the common people easier & comfortable. In the earlier phase, people have to travel miles for an interview but these days, everything is done online. Now you can have online video interviews, which save the time of both the recruiter as well as of the volunteer. Before going for an online video interview, there are many things that you need to look out for so that everything goes the way you have expected.

Here are the few things that you should check before having a video interview. Keep reading

1.  Be yourself

The most important thing that you should keep in mind at the time of interview is that you should be authentic & transparent and provide genuine data to the authority. Many make the mistake of withholding the important information or giving out false info, which becomes an issue afterward.

2.  Have a quality assured video

It is a key point to have a superior quality webcam as it will make your presentation more effective and it will be beneficial to present your performance as it is at the other end. So always watch out for any hindrance so that you can act smoothly while giving the interview.

3.  Practice is a key for Success

Practice the interview and record it on a video to see yourself that how have you performed. The major benefit that you will have is that you will get to know about your shortcomings and faults. You will be able to make improvements where you lack or stuck. Another thing is that you will come to know about the working of your gadgets & equipments.

4.  Have a good posture & poise

You will have more confidence in right posture and the way you speak. Always choose a comfortable sitting posture and try sitting with your back straight. Try to focus on your breathing as it will let some nervousness flush out and make use of hand gestures as well, but not too much.

5.  Check your background

You should eliminate things from your background that seem to distract you or which might distract your interviewer. Choose a decent background which is noise free and where you can put your full concentration on your interview. Check out an adequate lighting so that your face is visible. If possible, place a lamp behind your computer so that your face gets well lighted.

6.  Confirm Equipment

Make a proper check of your equipment like mike should be giving a superior quality sound, camera stands (if required), lights etc. Also make a pre-run of the software you are going to use for the online video interview like Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom to check the video quality. 

7.  Make eye contact

This is the most important aspect that you should look for; always make an eye contact with the interviewer by looking at the camera. This trick would ensure that you are actively participating and shows your level of alertness.


The more you practice and gain confidence in your abilities, the more likely you are to ace the interview and get the job. It would be beneficial for you to have a proper check of the mike & the gadgets you will use so that the interview goes well. The key thing to ace an interview is a practice, so repeat several times to make yourself perfect.