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We’re excited to announce integration with Zapier!

Most businesses today use a variety of tools and services to manage different aspects of recruiting. Multiple apps are used for posting jobs, prospecting, and interviewing candidates.  Zapier is a platform that enables you to connect various apps together in a simple way.

The integration with Zapier allows you to connect multiple apps with, making it easy for data to flow across them. You can now setup an interview in from any of your recruiting apps, effortlessly. Choose the desired Zapier App as “Trigger” and the app as the “Action” — an interview is created whenever the app is triggered.

For example, if you are prospecting a candidate through email, then after a few email exchanges, you decide to pre-screen the candidate. Now, you can setup an event in Zapier such that whenever you apply a particular label to the email, an On-demand interview is sent out to the candidate.

Furthermore, consolidate the interview recordings into your recruiting platform (e.g., ATS) using Zapier. Choose as the “Trigger” and your recruiting platform as the “Action” — the interview report is sent automatically to the recruiting platform.

How do you get started?

Create your own Zap to chain events from your recruiting app with

  • Create a Zapier account or login to your existing account
  • Link your Zapier account with by configuring the API key in
    EasyHire ->Teams->Settings
  • Login to Zapier and choose the application you want to integrate with
  • Create a new Zap that connects your desired app with or vice versa

Check out our Support Center article for more details.