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Staying Sharp in a Sea of Meetings: Strategies for HR Managers to Stay Focused

Staying Sharp in a Sea of Meetings: Strategies for HR Managers to Stay Focused

HR managers often handle many tasks, like hiring new talent, keeping employees engaged, conducting training, and ensuring compliance. All these tasks require a lot of attention and accuracy. The constant flow of meetings and interviews can cause burnout and lower productivity. However, by using smart practices and modern technology, HR managers can stay focused and work more efficiently. One helpful technology is on-demand interviews, where candidates pick their own interview times. This feature eases the load on HR managers’ schedules.

In this article, we have highlighted some useful tips that will help you unload your working day and hopefully make it more structured.

Prioritize and plan

Planning your day and prioritizing tasks are crucial for managing time effectively and staying productive. These practices help ensure that the most important tasks are completed first, reducing stress and enhancing overall efficiency.

 Prioritize tasks

HR managers should start by identifying and prioritizing their tasks. Not all meetings and interviews carry the same level of importance. By categorizing tasks based on urgency and significance, managers can allocate their time and energy more effectively.

 Plan your day

Planning the day in advance is crucial for maintaining focus. By scheduling specific time blocks for meetings, interviews, and other tasks, HR managers can create a structured routine. Time blocking helps in minimizing distractions and provides a clear roadmap for the day. Additionally, setting aside buffer periods between meetings allows for necessary breaks and reduces the risk of running behind schedule.

Use on-demand video interviews

An on-demand interview is a type of job interview where candidates record their responses to pre-set questions at their convenience, rather than meeting live with an interviewer.

Benefits of On-Demand Interviews

On-demand interviews are a game-changer for HR managers. This innovative approach allows candidates to select their own interview times, thus significantly reducing the back-and-forth of scheduling. Platforms as that support on-demand interviews provide flexibility for both the candidates and the interviewers.

How On-Demand Interviews Improve Focus

By utilizing on-demand interviews, HR managers can significantly reduce the number of scheduled meetings, freeing up time for other important tasks. This approach minimizes scheduling conflicts and last-minute changes, creating a more predictable and manageable calendar. Moreover, it allows HR managers to batch their interview times, concentrating their focus on interviewing during specific periods and dedicating uninterrupted time to other responsibilities.

Enhance communication and collaboration

A significant advantage of video interviews is that the recordings can be easily shared with colleagues. This saves a lot of time, as you don’t need to coordinate with each team member separately. Instead, you can simply share the recording, allowing them to watch it at their convenience.

Foster a Healthy Work Environment

Regular breaks are essential for maintaining focus and preventing burnout. HR managers should schedule short breaks between meetings to rest and recharge. Techniques like the Pomodoro Technique, which involves working for 25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break, can help in maintaining productivity and mental clarity. Additionally, longer breaks for meals and exercise should be part of the daily routine.

Also, we think well-organized and comfortable workspace can significantly impact focus and productivity. HR managers should ensure their workspace is free from distractions and equipped with the necessary tools and resources. Personalizing the workspace with elements that promote calm and motivation, such as plants or inspiring quotes, can also enhance concentration and well-being.

Continuous Learning and Development

Stay Updated on Best Practices

HR managers should continuously seek out best practices for managing meetings and interviews efficiently. Attending workshops, webinars, and training sessions can provide valuable insights and strategies. Keeping up with industry trends and technological advancements, such as on-demand interview platforms, ensures that HR managers can implement the most effective techniques.

Reflect and Improve

Regular reflection on the effectiveness of current practices is essential for continuous improvement. HR managers should take time to evaluate their scheduling methods, interview techniques, and meeting strategies. Seeking feedback from colleagues and candidates can also provide useful insights. By reflecting on and refining their approach, HR managers can enhance their focus and efficiency over time.

Staying focused with so many meetings and interviews is tough for HR managers. However, by prioritizing tasks, using technology, making meetings more efficient, improving communication, creating a healthy work environment, and continuously learning, HR managers can handle their responsibilities better. On-demand interviews, in particular, help by allowing flexible scheduling and lightening their load. By following these practices, HR managers can stay focused, boost productivity, and achieve better results in their roles.

How Well Do Your Candidates Interview?

How Well Do Your Candidates Interview?

Video Interview


Grill candidates with video interview prep to cool their nerves and increase confidence on game day 


Whether you’re working in a search firm setting or a corporate environment as a contract recruiter, think for a moment how much of your time you spend sourcing, screening, and recruiting candidates. A lot. Now think: how much time do you spend preparing your candidates for actual interviews?

Before in-person interviews are scheduled between the candidates you’ve recruited and the companies you represent, it goes without saying you’ve already done a whole lot of work developing the matches, the “good fits.” However, understanding the role and its context within the company and confirming a genuine candidate is great due diligence, but is it enough?

Question for you: “How well do your candidates interview?” If you don’t know, you need this article.

Preparing candidates for real-life interviewing is critical to your success. Using a video interview platform allows candidates to comfortably practice on their own time and gives you the opportunity to review and provide feedback where needed.


1: Record, Review, Refine…


In the few days, hours, and minutes leading up to the interview, everyone gets nervous. No matter how much coaching you provide, it’s simply how we’re wired. Video interviews can help simulate some of the same pressure felt in in-person interview. Additionally, get used to curveballs. Prepare candidates for questions they may not have thought of candidate can be asked questions they might not expect. Being able to practice this scenario over and over will create flexibility in candidates’ responses.


2: “Why do you want to work here?”


The well-prepared candidate should know the company he or she is interviewing for better than their own resume. If candidates don’t prepare for this question, it will  not only be obvious, it may be a dealbreaker for their candidacy. Asking this question and reviewing it in a recorded video interview will help your candidate avoid the longest most awkward silence ever.


3. Ready, Set…


Video interviewing platforms such as Easyhire can simulate the challenging interview environments by prompting candidates with similar questions in a live or pre-recorded scenario. Alongside timed assessment, multiple-choice, extended text, including coding / whiteboarding windows, written response, and others, you can be more confident in your rockstar candidates on their big day.


4. Go with confidence!


Even with years of experience and qualifications a candidate may have, don’t take chances and assume your candidates will do great until you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Some may be ready to go off the bat. However, many candidates may have been out of the market for a while or are entering a new industry. With new technology, preparing candidates with video interviews may be innovative to some, but it’s really just common sense.


-Jeremy Hoffman

VP Business Development



Human Resources Today

Top 5 Benefits of Video Interviews

Top 5 Benefits of Video Interviews

When searching for candidates, organizations look for employees who are a good match on the skills, and are the right cultural fit. And they want to find these people fast.

On the phone, a lot of candidates appear to meet the job requirements because the communication is limited. Recruiters can’t see the body language, and it’s hard to tell if a candidate has functional expertise.

So how can recruiters and organizations save time and money on pre-screening, and ensure that only the best candidates make it to on-site interviews? The answer is video technology.

Technology has become a great game changer when it comes to recruiting. Video interviews give recruiters and organizations more insight into candidates in the pipeline, ensuring that only the best ones move forward in the interview process.

Let’s consider the following scenario. An organization is looking for a candidate. Here’s what an average process looks like before an organization decides if a candidate is the right fit and it’s worth investing more time and money into this person:

  1. Screening time
  2. Phone interview time
  3. Scheduling time
  4. Candidate’s travel expenses (if applicable)
  5. Manager’s time to interview
  6. Team’s time to interview

With video interviews, you’d know after step 2 if a candidate is the right fit for the job. So why do you have to wait to see the candidate until you bring them on-site?

In the past, organizations didn’t have a choice. The only way to see a candidate face-to-face was to invite them on-site. With the help of video and technology, organizations can save time and money by using video to pre-screen candidates.

Paul J. Bailo, an author of “The Essential Digital Interview Handbook”, says that video interviews are about time and cost efficiency, and that “…digital job interviews are the closest thing we have to face-to-face interviews”.

Here’re top 5 benefits of video interviews:

  1. Screen multiple candidates simultaneously.
  2. Search and analyze responses—all interview information is recorded.
  3. Get insights quickly—for example, examine verbal cues and body language.
  4. Recruiters don’t lose candidates due to scheduling issues—candidates can record their answers at the time that works best for them.
  5. Bring team work and collaboration to your hiring decisions.

Video interviews are gaining more popularity. Companies like make it easy for recruiters and organizations to get started with video interviews—there’s no need to install any software or apps. You can just sign-up for a free trial and start interviewing at

Contact one of our experts today for a free consultation on video interviews, and to find out if your organization meets minimum technical requirements to sign up for the service. Job Link Job Link

We have taken on the challenge of simplifying the workflow for prospecting candidates and further improve your easy hire experience.

Our approach combines two distinct ideas that we have been hearing from you –  provide actionable content for candidates and set up self-service workflows to deal with scale.

You can now create a public link to your job posting and use it in all your job board postings, social media campaigns, and even email messages. Candidates will be able to click to take an On Demand interview immediately and not have to wait for you to schedule one. You also get notified on your Slack channel and Email when candidates submit their interviews.

Automate candidate prospecting and pre-screening
Automate candidate prospecting and pre-screening

Candidates visiting your job page can take interview right away! Job Link makes prospecting and pre-screening of candidates extremely easy! Cut down time and effort spent on prospecting candidates for your next job and streamline your interview process with EasyHire Job Links!

Rise in temp workforce: EasyHire interviews to the rescue!

Rise in temp workforce: EasyHire interviews to the rescue!

According to The American Staffing Association, in 2014 there were on average 3.2 million temporary workers each week, working for an average time of 11 weeks, in over 35,000 establishments nationwide. Additionally, with 20,000 U.S staffing and recruiting agencies operating 39,000 offices, industry sales grew to nearly $136 billion in 2015. Eighty-eight percent of those sales come from temporary and contract staffing.

With numbers like these, one can only imagine the preliminary work that temp agencies must perform in order to find great employees that fit the needs of their clients. Enter, an interview management platform that would streamline and simplify the hiring process for temp agencies. Typically agencies have resumes, computer assessment scores, and employee availability on file. If agencies use EasyHire’s on-demand and live video interviews, they will have a record of the interview session, along with the questions asked  in the file that they can review when a new job becomes available to fill.

Imagine a busy law firm needs a front desk administrative assistant for six weeks while the permanent staff member is recovering from a surgery. The law firm is seeking someone computer savvy with strong customer service and time management skills, preferably with some law office experience.

Temp Agency A might send the first available employee who loosely meets the client’s criteria based upon poorly-written notes from a recruiter interview 3 months prior.

On the other side of town, Temp Agency B has interviewed folks with EasyHire’s interview platform when they signed up for employment. They can now reap the benefits of adopting a structured interview process:

  • The interviews are recorded and archived in the EasyHire platform for easy access
  • A candidate’s answers to questions are easily separated throughout the video, making it easy for the agency and the client to narrow in on what they need to know to determine the best fit
  • The recruiter can review the  recorded interviews to find the top three temporary employee candidates, send the videos to the law firm for review, and allow them to pick who will be the best fit for them.

Which temp agency has the best likelihood of sending a great employee to their client, thus securing future business? Temp Agency B, of course! With incredible numbers of job-seekers using temporary and staffing agencies to find work and earn a paycheck, and more companies relying on the expertise of an agency to fill positions with stellar candidates, EasyHire’s interview platform and unique features can make the process easier for all parties.