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Video: An easy way to build human connection to hiring process

Video: An easy way to build human connection to hiring process

Recruiting is all about building human connections!

A few years back, the recruiting process was very different; it involved far more touch points. On a regular basis, a mega event would be hosted called “Job Fair” where companies would set up their booths to attract talent. Recruiters, hiring managers, and team members would stand in the booths to answer questions from the job seekers. The job seekers attend these events to learn about the job role, company, and culture by talking to the hiring manager and team. Often, interviews would be conducted then and there, and job offers would be made. Those were the good times when companies would fill open positions quickly and candidates would find jobs in just a few hours. Hiring was not as daunting as it is today!

Fast forward to present, recruiting has become more an online, automated, and impersonal process. Companies advertise the job in a myriad of ways making it extremely easy for candidates to apply, so much so that anyone, qualified or not can easily apply for the job. As a result, there are too many resumes coming from too many places. Companies are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the resume and the hiring manager ends up viewing only a few resumes that are automatically selected by the system. As a result, many a time, the very best candidates get lost in a pile of resume while the companies find it difficult to find the right talent to fill the open position. Hiring has become a complex and arduous process.

What is lost from the past to present is the human connection! Job seekers interact more with online sites while employers rely on software systems that parse the resume based on few keywords. John Hollan, the editor of RecruitingDaily accurately pointed out in his article that technology should be utilized to facilitate the recruitment process, not replace it. The video recruiting is one such technology that brings the human interaction, back to the hiring process. Looking at a person and talking face to face over a video helps in forming the human connection. It improves the candidate experience, whether it is a screening interview or following rounds of interview.  The recent Indeed blog on video recruiting sums it up very well – “Purpose and human connection play important roles in every single stage of the hiring process — from researching and exploring options to applying and interviewing for a job”